How do you solve general health challenges?

When there is general health decline, we manage this by individualized nursing care. If a resident has mobility limitations, this is managed by assisted living, personal assistive devices and/or ongoing assessment. Sometimes residents get lonely, so we offer social programming and a warm friendly atmosphere where residents can enjoy each others company.

We have specific health and care needs, do I qualify?

At Livingstone Manor, we welcome many seniors with a multitude of care needs since each resident is different. If you are unsure as to whether or not a retirement home is an appropriate choice, please feel free to call to discuss your needs. A pre-admission assessment can be completed to determine your eligibility. 

Do you have a "house doctor"?

We work closely with each residents family physician, so we do not have a "house doctor", since our residents maintain care with their current provider. We also have access to a nurse practitioner who has kindly offered her services for patients of the North Perth family health team. The frequency of her visits is based on when she is needed, however most commonly she visits bi-weekly. 

Do you have physiotherapy?

At Livingstone Manor we do not have physiotherapy services onsite, however we do welcome external service providers as required. 

Do you allow pets?

Guests are welcome of bring pets to visit, but we do not welcome pets of any kind to take up residence within Livingstone Manor.

Do we have to participate in activities?

Activities are not mandatory, although participation is encouraged but not required. Activity programming is determined, for the most part, by our residents council. This ensures that the calendar is filled with programming and activities that our residents will enjoy and participate actively in.

Can I have a guest at meals?

Guests are always welcome at meal times. The cost for a guest meal remains at just $5.00 per person.

What are your "visiting hours"?

Visitors are welcome all hours of the day, but we open the front doors at 7:00am and lock them at 9:00pm. If company visits outside of those hours, they are asked to ring the door bell and a staff will meet them at the door. 

What is the difference between long term care and a retirement home?

Long term care is required when a senior has high needs and/or high disability. Retirement Home care is minimal daily assistance only, with one person transfer and a no lift policy.

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